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An inspiring collaboration

No-one can develop successful innovations on their own. Innovation requires cooperation with the right partners. Together with you we want to search for surprising new concepts. Herbs and spices lending rich flavour to food, surprising and suitable for the end user. A partnership in which we work closely together from start to finish for the best result.


A glance into the world of Verstegen

We will make use of different technologies to let our consumers experience where our herbs and spices come from, we help our farmers with geodata to grow in the best way possible and we plant food forests that contribute to the tastiest products. Want to know more about our sustainable ambitions?

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Verstegen wins Business and Biodiversity Award!

Verstegen has won the Business and Biodiversity Award by the European Business Award for the Environment (an initiative of the European Commission). The jury of the EBAE was impressed by the first steps that Verstegen has taken towards a sustainable future by means of agroforestry, a sustainable agricultural method.

With the Business and Biodiversity Award, Verstegen has been given a platform which enables us to give more attention to our sustainability ambitions and activities throughout Europe. Together, we can make more impact, on a national and international level and we invite you to join and support us on this incredible journey.

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The best quality

Quality at Verstegen starts at the origin and is maintained throughout the entire process: in the raw materials, production processes, the end products and in our attitude towards the environment. By means of quality controls, we test every aspect carefully to ensure that the quality and taste are maintained. In this way we also obtained the right certificates.

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Our Certificates

Active in more than 30 countries

Verstegen collects all herbs and spices at the origin, where we work together with local farmers to grow the purest herbs and spices. From there, we keep everything in our own hands, from transport to self-milling and safe processing in our production facility. We are now active in more than 30 countries around the world, from supermarkets to industry. With a wide variety of the purest herbs and spices and the tastiest mixes, sauces and marinades. Would you like to know more about our product range?

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Always the right packaging

We understand the importance of good packaging. Each product and each application has specific requirements and needs. That is why we like to hear your ideas. Does the packaging have to be sterile or freezer-proof? Do the products require a paper or aluminium laminated finish? We have a large number of standard applications in our range, but we can also develop tailor-made packaging for you. A packaging that seamlessly meets your specific needs.

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1000 litres unit with inner liner for single use. After emptying the liner, you will experience the logistical advantage: when folded 5 tnt containers fit on only 1 pallet place. The box is only su...

Ceva box

A steel frame mounted on a fixed pallet of metal and plastic. In this frame, a large sturdy plastic container with a capacity of 1000 litres is placed. The HDPE packaging is for single use and only...


Hard plastic collection box of pallet size ideal for goods in plastic bags. Available in the sizes 0.80m x 1.20m and 1.00m x 1.20m. Once the export box is empty, you will experience the logistical ...

Export box

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to pour ingredients. Then our jerry cans come in handy. For liquid products. In 2.5, 5, 11 and 20 litres.

Jerry can

We have buckets in different sizes, with standard security seals in the lid. For liquid products extra top seals protect your product. The bucket is fully recyclable from label to handle.


In various sizes (900ml-1lt). Available with and without dosage cap.


At Verstegen we realise that cost savings are an important ingredient of your business operations. But we also understand that these savings must never be made at the expense of the quality you pro...

Budget pack

s your partner in the food industry, we like to make your business easier. That is why we developed our cutter bags: the bag that is precisely tailored to the further production process in terms of...

Cutter bag

The Verstegen products are packaged in both small and large sticks. A stick is closed at three seams. You can choose between transparent or printed film. For printed film we use interlayer printing...


You'll recognize the bags of spice mix packed with stir-fry vegetables, fish and meat dishes in your supermarket. Many manufacturers already benefit from the convenience and added value of our sach...


Verstegen fills cups in various standard sizes. This is your chance to simply add cups with sauces to your meat, fish or vegetable product. A number of cups are available both black and transparent.


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